cotton that is looking for a way to calculate settlement payments for traffic accidents

cotton that is looking for a way to calculate settlement payments for traffic accidents

Hello. Even if you keep an eye on the front carefully, car accidents can hit you unexpectedly.In particular, even if I don’t drive, accidents can occur frequently due to the driver’s sleepiness and drinking.In the event of an accident, insurance procedures such as repair and injury treatment had to be carried out. At this time, the insurance company said it would receive a proposal for an agreement from the end of the treatment to some extent.The agreement was concluded when we agreed to this proposal.Ordinary people don’t have much experience in accidents, so I think there are many people who don’t know how much settlement money to propose and receive for their injuries.

These calculations were described as traffic accident settlement payments.In order to make the calculation accurate, I had to know the factors that affected the agreement and the parts that could claim compensation advantageously.However, when most accidents occur, there are many people who want to return to their daily lives as soon as possible, and as usual, they end without looking into anything other than actual expenses.Of course, it is right to deal with minor accidents that do not require treatment as soon as possible.However, if you need to be hospitalized, treated, or operated, it is recommended to check if the settlement payment for traffic accidents is calculated reasonably.

1) The settlement calculation of the traffic accident settlement for damage to closure is the last to be determined after calculating the damage to closure, compensation, loss of profits, and other damages.First of all, the loss of absence from work is compensation for the reduced profits during the treatment period.Decrease in daily income * Days off * 85% = Profit from loss on vacation.What should be noted here is that the number of days off is determined only during the period of hospitalization treatment.He said that it would not be calculated if he could not work at home due to medical treatment or care.

2) We divided the grade according to the area and degree of injury in the compensation accident, and the appropriate amount was paid.Compensation varies depending on the injury grade.It is a compensation for mental pain and damage, and you can confirm that compensation is paid based on the diagnosis name.3) Most accidents of lost revenue were accompanied by permanent disability.He said that no matter how much treatment he receives, he cannot return to the same condition as before he was injured.It causes various injuries, from minor ligaments and muscle damage to fractures and organs.

Even after receiving treatment according to the doctor’s opinion, if permanent disability or remission remains, you can calculate the traffic accident settlement fee according to the disability standard and proceed with the compensation claim.4) In addition, the calculation criteria are different depending on the negligence and disability rate of damages, the previous certificate of the disability period, income, and age. However, if you receive outpatient treatment, other damages of 8,000 won are calculated for each visit.

Financial damage can occur due to the fact that the victim is not clearly aware of the method of calculating the amount of damage and compensation criteria recognized by the terms and conditions or precedents.The reason why you should be appointed as an expert at this time is that, under the agreement of an automobile accident insurance company, damages are not simply selected according to the number of weeks of diagnosis.Therefore, it was important to get help from experts who spoke for you from the client’s point of view.

The more negligence there is, the higher the cost of treatment, the less or less the agreed amount the patient receives, so he had to know and admit his fault accurately.Because it is easy and difficult, many people often ask for expert counseling or agree on the agreed amount proposed by an insurance company representative.The insurance company wanted to finish the agreement quickly.

Insurance companies must conclude the agreement as soon as possible to make profits, and the slower the agreement, the more burdensome the insurance companies are.Rather than trying to reach an agreement hastily or forcefully, we had to agree with the victim with a sincere apology and take appropriate countermeasures.

Despite obvious accident damage, many people do not receive sufficient compensation for absence from work or disability. Reasons for this include insufficient paperwork, lack of understanding of medical and legal systems, and lack of response to various insurance companies’ immunity and claims to reduce compensation.Therefore, I had to quickly organize the situation with the help of a professional lawyer who could judge the cost of negligence or the situation of the case legally, but I had to make sure that there were no disadvantages to me.As traffic accidents require various legal judgments for each cause of death, there is a limit for the general public to proceed, so it was important to actively respond with the help of experts with know-how such as calculating traffic accident settlement fees immediately after the accident.If you are wondering if the current amount is appropriate even if the settlement has already been calculated, please review the settlement calculation and check the parts where additional compensation can be made. I explained the calculation of settlement money for traffic accidents like this.From the victim’s point of view, if you file a lawsuit even though it is only an out-of-court settlement, it would take more than half a year to a year if the lawsuit is prolonged, and it would be better not to file a lawsuit.After that, traffic accident experts provide free KakaoTalk and wired counseling as soon as possible. If you are suffering from physical pain in a traffic accident or receive legitimate settlement or compensation for damages, please contact us at the number below and contact us. Thank you.Previous image Next imagePrevious image Next imagePrevious image Next imagePrevious image Next image